The product is warranted free of charge if it meets the following conditions:

– The product has a technical defect caused by the manufacturer.

– Still within the warranty period.

– Still have the purchase receipt at Gorilla Glue

– Still within the warranty period (on the warranty card or on the electronic warranty system)

– The manufacturer’s warranty stamp (and seal) on the product is intact.

– All cases of customers reporting errors with unclear or uncertain information must be transferred to the Warranty Center for evaluation before making a warranty or return decision.

Cases that are not covered by warranty or incur warranty fees:

– Violation of one of the free warranty conditions in section 1.

– Invalid product model and serial number (does not match the information on the Warranty Card or on the electronic warranty system)

– The customer arbitrarily interferes with the product or the product is damaged due to user error, and the defect is not within the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty.

– The product is damaged due to user error, and the defect is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase or the date of receipt of the product, depending on the product.

Note: Buyer can send invoice request (VAT) to Customer Care for assistance


Information of the service center will be recorded in the warranty card attached to the product or on the detailed information description of the product. Please contact the warranty center directly for support in the shortest time.

In case you have difficulty contacting the service center, are too far away from the service center or have inconveniences that cannot be reached directly, you can contact Customer Care. Customer care for support:

Hotline: 0905691974

Email: gorillagluevietnam@gmail.com


The supplied products are guaranteed to be genuine, so Gorilla Glue Vietnam encourages you to send the product directly to the warranty address mentioned in the detailed product description for warranty support during the period. the fastest.

The average warranty period is from a few days depending on the product. The warranty center will notify you specifically.